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  Excavating and Underground Utility Services

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Our services range from project engineering, underground plowing, trenching, directional boring, excavating and utility locating.  Our staff include dispatchers, bookkeepers, human resources, area field managers, engineers, drill operators, plow operators, excavating operators and auditors. 

Directional drilling is a unique service and a great application for extending utilities under roads or areas without compromising landmarks or damaging landscaping. with no post restoration needed.

Ask about our underground vibratory plow service of wire, cable or fiber optic.  No job is to big or to small.  Residential burying for small drops, or commercial mainline.  Our experience and reputation in the telecommunication industry has made our company a leader in this industry.

Other small services  include , underground installation of gas, electrical, geothermal and  water lines. We also offer excavation work for soil correction, storm and sewer service repair, basement wall damage and grade and drainage.

We pride ourselves in offering reasonable pricing without cutting corners.  Our company is licensed and insured with a perfect record of no damage claims.

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